Texans have been selling their oil and gas royalties for the better part of a century now. It is very fortunate to live in a state that is rich in crude oil, natural gas, and water among other valuable underground resources. One thing Texans hate more than drought is the feeling like they left money on the table in a business deal.

The team at Broadmoor Land & Minerals has been in the business of purchasing oil and gas royalties for many years, and we want owners to feel comfortable and happy about their decision to sell. We recognize that selling may not be the best option for every oil and gas royalty owner.  Some may choose to hold on to their royalties for a number of reasons specific to their individual situations, but many others do decide to sell for specific reasons of their own.

We’ve put up some information about selling oil and gas royalties for when you go about selling your royalties.

Reasons to Sell

There are several factors owners consider when selling their oil and gas royalties. One of the most common situations is having oil royalties held in an estate, which could carry large tax burdens to their heirs when transferred. The sale of royalty interest gives the owner an opportunity to liquidate and clean up the assets of an estate to avoid foreclosure negligence or estate tax problems. Another reason why owners or heirs of owners choose to sell their oil or gas royalties is that they would prefer to receive cash instead of the oil royalties. In addition, the oil royalties can be too small to divide among the heirs, or they are not familiar with managing oil and gas royalties. Other owners would simply like to receive the cash for an immediate or emergency need.

Benefits of Selling Oil and Gas Royalties

  •  Receiving a much larger lump sum payout rather than monthly, quarterly or yearly checks.

  • Can eliminate property taxes which can be higher than your royalties especially for owners of small interests.

  • Helps removes some economic uncertainties when proceeds of a sale are diversified into multiple assets.

  • Can save your heirs from the hassle of complicated and expensive probate process.

  • Owners can take advantage of the low long-term capital gains tax rates while they are still offered.

  • The cash payouts can be used for immediate needs, emergency needs or for paying down high-interest credit cards or other personal debts.

How to Get Started

Broadmoor Land & Minerals is currently pursuing Oil and Gas Royalties in the state of Texas, and has been helping a lot of owners understand the options they have when considering the sale of their royalties. We want our customers to get the real value of their assets and offer timely, competitive offers for royalty interests. If you are would like to learn more about selling oil and gas royalties, feel free to contact Broadmoor Land & Minerals at any time. You may also fill out the form below and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

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