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Selling Your Mineral Rights & Oil and Gas Royalties

As a leading purchaser of oil and gas royalties and mineral interests, we are here to help when it comes time for you to sell oil and gas royalties.

The Broadmoor team has been helping individuals, families, trusts and companies sell oil and gas royalties for 30 years. We understand that selling oil and gas interests can be a tough decision. Often times, the amount of information, contracts, terms and companies involved can seem overwhelming. That is why our team focuses on building relationships and we consider the owners we work with to be our partners. Our goal is to first make sure that you really understand your oil and gas interests as well as to provide you with the very best offer. We are always happy to help answer any questions and to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your situation.

There are a number of reasons why owners decide it is time to sell oil and gas royalties or mineral rights. Maybe you want to buy a new car, pay off a house, clean up an estate, invest the money in real estate, stocks, or gold. Whatever your reason, and whether you would like to sell oil royalties, sell gas royalties, or sell mineral interests, our team members are ready to work with you directly and will give special attention to you and your oil and gas interest.

How we value your interest

Our team has purchased thousands of oil and gas interests around the country and has the experience and the resources to quickly get you the most competitive offer.

When an owner comes to us looking to sell oil and gas royalties, we complete a thorough evaluation of his or her interest using a combination of engineering and financial analysis.

Using the latest technology, we perform decline curve analysis and study oil and gas futures pricing to project the remaining well life and derive the present value for each interest. We also study the surrounding geography, leasing activity and the production history of nearby offsetting wells.

How we work

Broadmoor is a buy-and-hold company, not a broker or a middleman. Every interest we purchase is held in our own portfolio and is properly managed with care and diligence.

Thus, we take great care in making sure each interest is professionally evaluated on an individual basis to give you the best value for your interest. But we also pride ourselves on closing transactions very quickly and efficiently and we like to make it easy for the owners we work with.

Our specialists prepare the needed transfer documents in-house. We take care of all of the document filing with the county clerks and we pay for all associated expenses for filing.

Where we buy

Broadmoor Land & Minerals purchase oil and gas interests all across the country. Our portfolio consists of oil and gas royalty interests, overriding royalty interests, working interests and mineral rights in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Wyoming, North Dakota, Kansas, Utah, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and several other states as well.

So whether you want to sell oil royalties in Oklahoma, sell gas royalties in Arkansas or if you are interested in selling mineral rights in Texas, we would be glad to consider your interests.

If you have questions about selling your oil and gas royalty interest, or to find out more about our company or our closing process, feel free to give us a call at any time. We will always be happy to help in any way we can.

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